guest_lecture: bucarest, 2022

Art, Participation & Public Space
Talk, National University of Arts, Bucarest, April 2022

Whether community art projects in so-called urban problem districts, multi-cultural off-spaces in peripheral areas or the temporary use of vacancies, market halls or train stations for participatory art projects: more and more initiatives leave established settings and common venues of the arts. In these initiatives (public) 'space' and the related 'context' of producing culture play a crucial role: instead of a proven, recognized and mostly (urban) centrally located spatial constellation, the chosen space is untested, periphery and decentralized. But it is precisely this uncertain but different context that enables to overcome the conventional conditions of cultural (meaning) production. With a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this talk/guest lecture introduces and analysis several public art projects that aim to engage the public in bringing about change through art.

Link: Kunstuniversität Bukarest, Fakultät für Dekorative Kunst und Design