article :: artists as (better) managers, 2017

Are Artists the Better Managers? Perspectives on a participatory understanding of Cultural Management.
In: Küpers/Sonnenburg/Zierold: ReThinking Management. Perspectives and Impacts of Cultural Turns and Beyond. Wiesbaden: Springer 2017

„Siglinde Lang tackles the relations between the artistic and managerial worlds from the [...] direction by asking: `Are Artists the Better Managers?´. Lang is concerned with the current cultural as well as political emphasis on notions of collaboration and sharing as well as their implications for management as a (potentially) participatory and circular process. [...] She underlines that, in the line of culture and creativity, management can be re-thought and re-done in various ways. By this,is is understood (again) as a emerging as a decidly different and cultural concept and practise.“ (Introduction by the editors)

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Re-Thinking Management, Springer 2017